NAI Region 7’s scholarship program aims to recognize professionals and students who have demonstrated success in their work and/or field of study, and have the potential to make an outstanding contribution to the field of interpretation. Region 7 offers two “types” of scholarships designed to provide financial assistance to those in need in order to attend the NAI National Workshop. Please note that scholarships are provided dependent on the Region’s financial status and their availability is subject to change.

Applications will be evaluated and ranked by the scholarship committee in the following areas: interpretive work experience and/or academic relevancy, written communications skills, appearance of the application, and adherence to instructions. Applicants demonstrating an intrinsic need to attend the conference (e.g. presentation/poster) and/or volunteering at the conference will be given preference.

Questions regarding the scholarship program should be directed to the Region 7 Scholarship Committee Chairperson.

Click here to download a Scholarship Application.

NAI Region 7 is offers (1) $500 scholarship to attend NAI’s Annual National Workshop.  The scholarship is open to students and professionals. Applications are due by May 1 of each year.

Mr. Dick Taylor
Mr. Dick Taylor, Recipient of the Excellence in Interpretive Support Award Winner 2007.

Dick Taylor Scholarships

Dick Taylor (Excellence in Interpretive Support Award Winner 2007) was a docent and volunteer for the City of Colorado Springs as well as a previous Region 7 Treasurer. Dick passed away late in 2007 and left a $25,000 charitable annuity to fund scholarships to the national workshop for interpreters in El Paso, Freemont and Teller Counties. For more information about this scholarship fund, contact