NPS LogoThe Interpretive Development Program (IDP) enables National Park Service Interpreters to demonstrate interpretation at a national standard and obtain peer-reviewed certification in each identified essential Benchmark Competencies (knowledge, skills, and abilities) for all Ranger Careers positions in interpretation. Find out more about the National Park Service Interpretive Development Program.

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Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands offers a series of online courses specifically aimed at interpretation and natural resource management topics. The Eppley on-line courses are NOT the same as the NAI Professional Certification Program or Certified Interpretive Guide or Host training, but are recommended as additional opportunities for professional development. Course content is primarily aligned with the National Park Service’s IDP.

NAI Registered Coaches are eligible to act as individual coaches for people who choose the Advanced Certificate option in Eppley Institute’s on-line interpretation curriculum. If you are interested in securing the services of an NAI Registered Coach, you must contact the coach of your choice to determine availability and make a financial arrangement and agreement with that individual (coaching fee is usually $100, but may be subject to change under certain conditions). See the Eppley website for more information.