A mentor…

  • Is a trusted counselorBecome a Mentor
  • Is sincerely interested in someone else’s growth
  • Provides advice, guidance, and support to new interpretive professionals

A NAI Region 7 Mentor is a knowledgeable and experienced professional willing to share their experiences and offer support to an up-and-coming interpretive student or new professional.

Benefits of mentoring

  • Sharing experiences
  • Satisfaction in molding a new interpretive generation

Benefits of being mentored

  • Networking in the field
  • Access to advice and guidance from an experienced professional

Program Outline

  • Mentors voluntarily register their information, including their experience areas and how many mentees they are willing to guide.
  • Mentees submit their desired experience areas for a mentor to fill
  • Given the contact information of 2-3 mentors that match the designated roles (matched priority by state, neighboring states, and region)
  • Both mentor and mentee agree to 1 calendar year commitment
  • Communication types and frequency to be arranged by mentor and mentee
  • Yearly evaluations determine satisfaction of both mentor and mentee
  • Allows either to leave the program, request a new mentor/mentee, or continue with current relationship

Sample experience areas (participants can select all that apply)

  • Exhibit designNPS
  • Curriculum design
  • Event planning
  • Wildlife interpretation
  • Geologic interpretation
  • Cultural interpretation
  • Living history
  • Program development
  • Evaluation
  • Administration
  • Volunteer management
  • National Park Service
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Other (you tell us!)

Become a Mentor and share your knowledge and experience with the next generation of interpreters! Photo: NPS, Yosemite NP

 We’re Looking for Interpretive Mentors

Do you enjoy sharing your interpretive experiences? Would you like to have a hand in molding the next generation of interpreters? NAI Region 7 is looking for knowledgeable, experienced interpretive professionals interested in mentoring up-and-coming students and new interpretive professionals.

Quality mentoring is one of the most common requests from young interpretive professionals, and NAI Region 7 is launching a new program to meet this need. After registering, mentors and mentees will be matched by specialty areas and geographic region. Once matched, communication becomes the responsibility of the mentor and mentee, and yearly evaluations will determine the satisfaction of both parties, allowing either to withdraw or continue as desired.

To register as a mentor, or to nominate a possible mentor, please email us!

Interested in being mentored?  Stay tuned for more information.

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