SharonBy Sharon Tinianow
NAI Region 7 Newsletter Editor/Designer

As I started work on this issue of the newsletter, I couldn’t help waxing nostalgic. The first time I served as newsletter editor was in the 1980’s. We typed the articles on a Selectric typewriter, cut them out, and pasted them on boards that went to a printer. It was a time consuming process that demanded meticulous attention to detail in order to get everything typed correctly and lined up perfectly.

This newsletter is a very different animal. Not only do we have word processing, digital images, spell check and grammar check at our disposal, we also send it out via email. We can share a great deal of information with one another without using paper and ink and without incurring the cost of postage.

But despite the technological advances, the heart of the newsletter is still the content. In our sprawling NAI Region 7 this has the potential to be a powerful tool and that is where you come in.

Please consider sharing what you have learned with the rest of the region.
Did you implement an especially successful program? Did you read a book or attend an event that inspired you? Did you capture a particularly amazing photo? Put together a brief article (or send me the image and caption) and send it my way. I promise to give you a byline!

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