NAI-MemberTop 10 Ways to Get More Out of Your NAI Membership 

Stolen  Borrowed from Pat Barry, Deputy Regional Director for Region 10 (email)

10. Attend regional, national and international workshops as a participant or presenter.

9. Write articles about what is happening in your park your region or section newsletter.

8. Become a Certified Interpretive Host, Guide, Trainer, Manager, Planner, etc. and encourage your co-workers to at least become Certified Interpretive Guides so you will all speak the same language.

7. Become an officer, website designer, or more active member in your region or section – there are ALWAYS opportunities to help.

6. Network with others in the region by using Facebook or other social media. (You can even consider networking in person with other interpreters in your local area! OMG)

5. Every year, read at least one new book about interpretation sold in NAI online store.

4. When hiring contractors select them from the NAI Green Pages (similar to the Yellow pages but for interpretation contractors).

3. Check out the blogs and other goodies on the NAI National web site and the regional and section web sites.

2. Help staff the regional booth at the National Workshop.

1. Help plan a regional workshop!