Historically, NAI Region 7 Awards are given annually at the regional workshop or at the Regional meeting at the national workshop. Criteria are determined and nominations received by the Region 7 Awards and Recognition Team.

The Chair position for the Region 7 Awards and Recognition Committee is UNFILLED.  Consequently, this program of work is on hold until someone steps up. Could it be you? Please get in touch if you would like to get involved in this important area of work. We have an established system that’s largely “ready to go” — it just needs some member engagement to get the program up and running again!

Click here to see a list previous Region 7 Award Recipients

National Awards

DP_UPLOADIn 2010, the National Association for Interpretation Fellow Award went to John Luzader. A master communicator, educator and mentor, John is one of the very best professionals in the field of interpretation. With more than 500 publications and over 1,000 interpretive programs througout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and China, he has brought American history to life. He not only makes you laugh and cry, but also makes you think. John has always been an important mentor and strong supporter of NAI’s scholarship programs. He is also co-founder of NAI’s Cultural & Historical Interpretation section.

State and Local Awards

Send us any state or local awards received by Region 7 members and we’ll post them.  Include all relevant information, including the award title, agencies involved, name of recipient, and any external web links and send to us via e-mail.