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National Association for Interpretation Four Corners Region consists of interpreters from state parks, county agencies, museums, zoos, park districts, recreation facilities and many other public and private organizations from Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.



Our mission is to inspire leadership and excellence to advance heritage interpretation as a profession. To achieve this goal, our aim is to offer services and benefits to our members enabling them to grow as heritage interpreters, build their professional networks, and inspire others through mentoring and leadership.



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In addition to this web site, Region 7 utilizes a number of other online tools to stay in touch with our members and friends. You can “like” us on Facebook, “follow” us on Twitter, “connect” with us on LinkedIn, discuss and engage on Shine.net, and see our photo collections on Pinterest.

The National Association for Interpretation is a 501(c)3 is a not-for-profit professional organization dedicated to advancing the profession of heritage interpretation, currently serving about 5,000 members in the United States, Canada, and over thirty other nations. Our association is divided into Regions and Sections to help members network with others who work near them or who work with similar subject-matter content. Regions and Sections produce newsletters and organize activities. Members can join as many Regions and Sections as they like at no extra charge.

This is your organization!

Contributions and participation from our members — whether large or small — is critical. Click here to learn more about the Region 7 leadership team and how you can get involved.