Greetings! Another Rocky Mountain summer is here: flowers are in bloom, the grass is green, and it hasn’t snowed for three whole weeks! I want to fill you all in on something that the Advisory Council and NAI Board of Directors have been discussing.

As you are probably aware, the Rocky Mountain region extends from the Mexico border up to the Arctic, including the following states and provinces: New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Southern Idaho, Montana, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories. While we are all united by the spine of the Rockies, we are a very culturally and geographically disparate region. From the desert southwest to the great white north, it can be hard to bring our members together across such large distances. As the director of the region, this is something I have been grappling with, as have the other region directors before me.

For that reason, right now the Advisory Council (the directors of the regions and interest groups) is looking at redrawing the region boundaries to better serve all of our members. In the current proposal, regions 5, 7, 8 and 10 would be changed in shape. Saskatchewan, Montana, and Wyoming would become part of the Heartland region. Southern Idaho would be reunited with the northern half of the state, and along with Alberta and Northwest Territories would become part of the Pacific Northwest. Arizona would leave the Wild West to become part of region 7, which would then be re-titled as the Four Corners region – comprised of only the four corners states: Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

By moving states into regions that already have successful programs and workshops, and changing region 7 into a core of states with more geographic cohesion and identity, the hope is that all of the members in the various states and provinces will be better served and find themselves more actively engaged in their regions. As ever, all NAI members will be welcome to join any and all regions and sections that meet their needs and interests, regardless of geography.

What we’re looking for now is your feedback! What do you think of the proposed region boundaries? In the coming months, the Advisory Council will make an official recommendation to the Board of Directors, who will vote on the changes in their November meeting. Any changes will then go into effect at the beginning of 2018.

If you have any comments or feedback on these changes, I would love to hear from you at Regardless of which region you may find yourself in, I will do whatever I can to help you get the most out of NAI.


Suzanne Zgraggen

Director, Rocky Mountain region

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