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Peaks & Valleys Header 2013

In case you missed it, the winter edition of Peaks & Valleys is available here.  This issue marks the last for newsletter editor Amanda Peterson, who has accepted a new job that requires her undivided attention.  Congratulations to Amanda and thank you for your service to Region 7.  Simultaneously, we welcome two new folks to the Region 7 leadership circle. Taking over the Peaks & Valleys editor role is Sharon Tinianow.  Also joining our motley crew is Jessie Foster, who is heading up our Membership Services efforts. Both of our new recruits are from Colorado, and you can read a bit more about them in the newsletter and/or on the “What’s New” section of the website. 

The perennial topic of Regional Workshops is back on our radar. We know you want them, and theleadership team believes they are important. However, we do have some questions to run by you.  Look for a short survey to come your way in the near future specifically aimed at this topic.


We want to remind you that the National Workshop will be held in Region 7 this year. We hope to have a strong presence at the event and we’re looking for volunteers to help organize and run activities. Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more.  Region 7 plans to offer at least one scholarship to the national workshop. Visit the scholarships page to learn more.  See you in Denver!


Last but not least, this is an election year.  The four elected positions (Director, Deputy Direction, Secretary, Treasurer) of the Region 7 Leadership team require nominations.  This isn’t a monarchy, folks.  Some of us have been in these roles a wee bit too long and could probably use a break or at the every least have the opportunity to try a different role on for size. Besides, competition is good!  Get involved and make a difference to the interpretive community that we all love.  We encourage you to raise your hand or nominate someone (they will be sooooo flattered!) that you think would be great at one of these jobs.

~William Bevil (Director, Region 7)




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