Region 7 Virtual Meeting

The NAI National Conference is happening this week, so we held our region meeting at 10:00am Mountain time on Monday, November 9. Our new Secretary, Scott Dunn, recorded the meeting minutes, which can be found here. We’re all excited to activate our region’s members this year!

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NAI Region 7 covers the deserts of the Southwest, the Colorado Plateau, part of the Rocky Mountains, and the eastern edge of the Great Basin.

Formerly the “Rocky Mountain” region, the region contracted in size in 2017, going from 1.6 million square miles – from the Mexican border to the Arctic Ocean – to include just the four states of the Four Corners region: Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

Our smaller geographic footprint introduces new occasions for sharing and growing, as we now can gather in person more easily for workshops and events. The unique landscapes we occupy color our landscape and our history, providing rich opportunities for interpretation. Collectively, we are home to countless municipal, state, and national parks, historical sites, nature centers, zoos, monuments, open spaces, and more.

From north to south, the Mojave to the plains of eastern Colorado, interpreters are grappling with fostering understanding and appreciation in a fast-changing world.  Our special places – and how they are experienced – are changing along with the climate, new technologies, and stakeholder interests. NAI (and Region 7 by extension) aims to help interpreters everywhere rise to the challenge.